Beauty of Red

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Life in Red Color
हमारे  भारत में लाल रंग मंगल गृह, खून, जोश, ताक़त और जवानी की पहचान है. 
कहा जाता है - मंगल कराये दंगल ! 
लाल रंग शुभ माना जाता है और हनुमान जी और गणेश जी पर लाल रंग लगाया जाता है.  
A brilliant Red Sea Fan Coral spreads behind a Golden Damsel Fish in waters off 
Fiji’s Namenalala Island.
Rich Red Draperies and Glowing Paper Lanterns transform a rocky cave into a Magical Wedding Hall in China's Hubei Province.
Red is the Traditional Color of Chinese Wedding Celebrations
Iron-Rich Rocks create a Rust-Red Creek Bed for fast-flowing waters in Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park.
The Canadian Park lies across the International Border from Montana's Glacier National Park
Kenya's Lake Magadi blushes under a Bacteria Bloom following a Rainstorm.
The extremely salty, alkali Lake holds little life, but its waters are a favorite spot for Wading Birds.
This shot was taken on the Pristine Reefs around the Tukangbesi Islands, protected by an Indonesian National Marine
  Red occurs throughout Nature, from Dying Stars to Dying Leaves and Humans have evoked its powers for everything from Politics to Sports.
Red, the color of Human Blood, symbolizes Passion, Fire, Love and Anger
 In Eastern Cultures, it also connotes Luck and Prosperity
Red occurs throughout Nature
from Dying Stars 
to Dying Leaves 
and Humans have evoked its powers 
for everything 
from Politics 

to Sports. 

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