Eight Latest Gadgets Going to Grab The Market

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Eight Latest Gadgets Going to Grab The Market


Various Companies always trying to present New Gadgets in the Market as per the necessity of time, to attract more and more Consumers.

There are some Consumer Electronics Shows, Exhibitions and Seminars etc. to popularize Their Gadgets and New Ventures.
Here are some of them which may attract the Readers.


1. Flexi Cord HDMI Cable

The Flexicord HDMI cable from E-Filliate was shown at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It can stretch up to 10 times its coiled length and doesn’t pool messily behind your computer. The Flexicord range will include HDMI, USB, Phono Jacks and S-Video Cables.




2. Touch Watch Phone

The World’s First Market-Ready Touch Watch Phone was unveiled at the show by LG Electronics. Containing a Tiny Microphone, Speaker and Full Colour Touch-Screen, this Watch lets you makes Calls by simply saying a Name. The screen displays text messages and will even read them out for you.




3. Semi Transparent AMOLED Screen

A Semi-Transparent AMOLED Screen is displayed during a Media Preview Event. The Screen could have a variety of Applications, such as for ‘Heads-Up’ Displays in Cars.




4. Sansa slotMusic Player

The Sansa slotMusic Player is a Portable Digital Music System based on Memory Cards preloaded with songs. The Music comes on 1 GB Micro SD Cards that can be played on any device that accepts the Cards like many Mobile Phones.




5. Foldable AMOLED Screen Mobile

A Mobile Phone with a Foldable AMOLED Screen was displayed at an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) booth.




6. 32-inch LCD Screen

JVC has developed a 32-inch LCD screen that is only 7mm thick. It weighs 5kg and uses an LED back-light.




7. Intel’s WiMAX Smart Car

An engineer tests Intel’s WiMAX Smart Car at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The Car maintains a Multi-Megabit Link from an Antenna in the Vehicle to nearby receivers that connects it to the Internet.






8. WowWee’s Spyball

WowWee’s Spyball. A Spherical Robot designed to roll 

around before popping out a webcam to beam live pictures over the internet. The Spyball can be controlled from any Web-Connected PC and can also connect to any nearby PC, Games Console or Mobile Phone. The Spyball moves using Two Tank-Like tracks in its Body. It changes direction by altering the speed of the tracks.


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