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Algonquin Park, Canada

Found in the center of Southern Ontario, just a three-hour drive from Toronto, Algonquin Park is a natural paradise on Earth with its wind-sculptured pines, craggy shorelines and rushing rivers. Aside from a few camping grounds, lodgings and park buildings, the park is completely free from the burden of human civilization.
Cotswolds, England

If it’s good enough for the bevy of British celebrities who descend on this paradise on Earth every weekend, it’s certainly good enough for you. Located in the county of Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds feature swooping hills, acres of lush greenery, shimmering lakes, and winding roads.
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

As soon as you restrict access to a place, its allure increases. Such is the case with Fernando de Noronha, which sits pretty 200 miles off Brazil’s northeastern coast. Only 240 people are allowed on the archipelago at any one time, all of whom are required to pay environmental taxes to preserve the beauty of the 21 islands. Only the main island is inhabited, and that's where you’ll stay in quaint boutique-style bed-and-breakfasts. The jet set may prefer Pousada Maravilha, where they can unwind in one of its ocean-facing bungalows. There’s not much to do on this paradise on Earth other than swim in the Atlantic Ocean and bask beneath the sun, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?
Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico

Just six miles off the coast is Isla Vieques, an untouched paradise on Earth with verdant forests, never-ending stretches of white sand and a backdrop of rolling hills that only Monet could have dreamed. Up until 2003, it was under the control of the Navy, but now they’re gone, so we can go there. Stay at the blissfully chic Bravo Beach Hotel, which has direct access to the coastline. Here you’ll be able to saddle up and gallop across the sand Black Beauty-style. If you do go, be sure to do it soon. With Starwood’s W Retreat having opened, Isla Vieques’ undiscovered appeal could soon be lost forever.
Kauai, Hawaii

While the rest of Hawaii may have been overrun with soul-destroying developers, volcanic Kauai is so lightly developed that it has been dubbed The Garden Island -- and that’s not just brochure speak. Fortunately, the state of Hawaii has declared over half of Kauai as parkland, meaning that developers will never get their grubby little paws on it. Most of the island’s interior is roadless, with thick forests, cascading waterfalls and the only navigable rivers in Hawaii.
Kiribati, Micronesia

The world’s most eastern point, Kiribati (formerly known as the Gilbert Islands) is an island nation found about 2,485 miles southwest of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. Straddling the equator, it comprises 33 islands (only 21 of which are inhabited), and is home to the world’s largest protected marine reserve.

Thought to be one of the last untouched coral archipelagos, it’s about the size of California and offers more marine life than any Western museum could. With coconut trees galore (its main economy), white-sand beaches and crystal-clear lagoon waters, it’s like a luxurious Sandals resort, only natural.
Morzine, France

A chic alpine paradise on Earth, Morzine, nestled in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, is the perfect place to get back to nature. Stay in a low-key chalet-hotel like La Chaumiere and enjoy traditional mountain hospitality with modern-day comforts. With powdered snow, green pine trees at every turn and more fresh air than your polluted lungs are used to, you’ll never want to leave.
Patagonia, Chile

A little-known region of Chile, Patagonia is seriously underrated -- and thank god, otherwise it would probably be overrun with bucket-and-spaders. With beautiful forests, islands, fjords, and ice fields, coming to this paradise on Earth is like stumbling onto the edge of the world.

Located in Southern Chile, the region is divided into two halves: Northern Patagonia and Southern Patagonia. Among them you’ll find virgin forests, stunning glaciers, gushing rivers, and twinkling ice fields. With very few roads cutting through Patagonia, you’ll need to take ferries across the fjords if you want to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery
Thornybush Game Reserve, South Africa

Africa is arguably one of the most stunning continents on the planet, teeming with exotic animals not found elsewhere and characterized by thousands of miles of untouched wilderness. Check out Thornybush Game Reserve, located in the heart of the rolling Lowveld and adjacent to Kruger National Park. Stay at the Chapungu Luxury Tented Camp, which boasts an old-world colonial atmosphere and has a strict policy of no more than 16 guests at any one time. Indeed, it’s the perfect way to take in this gold-tinged paradise on Earth.
Tristan da Cunha

Officially the world’s remotest island, Tristan da Cunha rises out from the South Atlantic Ocean like a prehistoric volcano. Situated 1,242 miles from St. Helena and 1,739 miles from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, it really does cut a lonely but beautiful figure.

There’s not just the main island, either; comprised of several uninhabited islands, one inaccessible island and the Nightingale Islands, this archipelago is like the lost world.
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