Mystery of Mysterious Tree In India

Published on by Mr. Yogi

Mystery of Mysterious Tree In India
at Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh










These Photographs show a massive Tree that has a Trunk covered with detailed images of many different creatures.
Sender of this Pictures with Message claims that the Tree is an example of an unknown Species that grows in a dense forest in Andra Pradesh (India).
The message would have us believe that the Tree is a completely Natural Living Plant and that all of the Animal Figures on its Trunk have Mysteriously Grown there naturally and without human interference.

Not surprisingly, these claims are utter nonsense.
The "Tree" in the photographs is completely artificial and, moreover,
it is not even located in India.

The Tree is, in fact, the famous Tree of Life, an icon of Disney's Animal Kingdom,
a theme park located in Florida, USA.

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