Old Fused Bulbs Can Also Brite Homes

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What do you do with your Old and Fused Light Bulbs?
Like most of Us, just throw it off!
But we are sure once you go through this post, you will definitely have a few options to choose from.
Well what can be said, after all these are just too creative!

Light Bulb “Green” House – How about creating a ‘green house’ with these bulbs ! These look quite impressive with small plants in them

Light Bulb Aquarium – Who wouldn’t like to give this one a try ! It just looks cool, all you would need is a globe light bulb, a coat hanger etc.

Concrete Light bulb Wallhook – this one is functional yet stylish, and sure to impress one and all

Salt And Pepper Shakers – How about taking an old light bulb and turning it into a saltshaker ! Did you know that “plastic caps from 16 oz. Soda bottles fit the threads of a standard light bulb”

Awesome Night Light – here is another interesting use, creating a night light. All you would need is a light bulb, candle wax and few more things

Light Bulb Lamps – Can you believe it, these ‘Light Bulb Lamps’ can cost $650 ! Well this is what we came to know – “Brooklyn Industrial Designer Sergio Silva, was selling these pair of Light Bulb Lamps for $650″. If you aren’t interested to pay and want to make one

An Another Option

Small Fish Bowl – ‘Small fish bowl for a small fish out of a g40 lightbulb’

Lightbulb Ship – A ship built in a regular 60w lightbulb

Vessel To Boil Water – A more traditional use to the bulb. But before you get started what you need is to hollow out a light bulb

Lamps Made Out Of Light Bulbs – “Bulbs Unlimited” sells kits that creatively uses old light bulbs and transforms them into new light fixtures like the ones pictured here

Light Bulb Planters – One More Option

Another ‘Green’ House – The flower is growing in a 50-50 mix of inert media and potting soil

Light Bulb Lamp – This one looks quite good, once you hollow out the bulb

Light Bulb Art Creation – Created by Datamancer, who was inspired to make something of his own from an old light bulb

Ship In A Light Bulb – Another ship in a light bulb

Light Bulb Vase – It looks simple yet an elegant vase. All you would need is a light bulb, a metal rod (around 3/16″) and piece of wood

Light Bulb Planter – “It’s been in there about 10 months now, and it’s still not overgrown the bulb.”

Light Bulb Window Vase – To create these you would need light bulbs and some wire

Light Bulb Ship – Yet another light bulb project with ship

Light Bulb Planter – An Another Option

Light Bulb Vases – A project by Care2 Co.

 Pendant Lamp -This pendant is functional and economical

Bulb Ornaments – How about creating cute light bulb characters, sculptures, or snowman ! The cute light bulb characters “Delightful Creations” are the creation of Rita and G Monette Co.

Scout Ornament – Wow !

Light Bulb Turkey and Light Bulb Cow Ornament – Both of these look cool, isn’t It !
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