Stylish Iiamo Go Bottle - Warms Milk for Babies

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Iiamo Go is a Self-Warming Feeding Bottle made in Denmark.

It is the only Feeding Bottle in the World which will warm up 180 ml milk to the recommended 37deg C (body temperature) in only about four minutes, without the use of Electricity pr Gas etc.

No Power, No Cord, No Limitations. The Secret is a Heater – Iiamo Warm – containing only Salt (CaCl2) and Water.

The globally renowned designer Karim Rashid thinks that milk for babies should be warmed by their mothers without using any electricity or gas. He developed stylish Iiamo Go bottles that warm the milk with body temperature and nothing more.

The brand-new bottle makes the milk warm with the help of a disposable, portable, non-electrical, throw-away organic cartridges with water and salt in it. The concept is quite simple: as the salt becomes re-hydrated, the heat is generated.

Before feeding the baby with the milk, put the cartridge in the bottom of the bottle, push, and wait a few minutes — the milk, warmed to the body temperature, is ready. The bottle can be used in any place and at any time you and your child need it.

Iiamo Go can be cleaned in the dishwasher and will stand boiling, but because of the stainless steel in the bottom, the bottle must not be used in a microwave oven.

Iiamo Go has a built-in anti-colic airing system enabling the bottle and the teat to adjust the amount of air to prevent vacuum in the bottle. Surveys indicate a connection between vacuum in the bottle and colic, which iiamo therefore helps prevent.

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