Top 10 Animated Characters

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Top Ten Memorable Cartoon Characters. 

All Ten of Animated Feature Films.

1. Buzz Light Year

Movie: Toy Story ( IMBD )
Okay then, I know how popular and beloved Toy Story is, as a character for you too. Space Hunter with a short memory and little sense of reality may be.

2. Fievel

Movie: An American Tail (1986) ( IMDB )
Cool Mouse to explore the underrated animated film that Steven Spielberg was behind.

3. Dopey


Film: Snow White and the Seven Dvärgarn a (1937) ( IMDB )
Think it Dopey must be one of the most famous characters of all time. Nice to be able to bring someone from the world’s first animated feature film.

4. Wall E

 Film: Wall E (2008) ( IMBD )
The list would be incomplete without something Wall E, the robot in the movie of the same name, or what do you think?

5. Cheshire Cat

Movie: Alice in Wonderland (1951) ( IMBD )
Unforgettable Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Walt Disney’s best films.

6. Scratch

Movie: Ice Age (2002) ( IMBD )
Saber-toothed squirrel, did not know it was like that before I saw the Ice Age. Jojo, you can learn a lot of animated films. Scratch must be one of the world’s most stubborn characters ever.

7. Mrs. Brisby

Movie: The Secret of NIMH (Brisby and Nimh Secret, 1982) ( IMDB )
Widow and heroine in one of the best animated movies ever. Behind the friendly mouse-facade hides one of the greatest female heroes ever in American mainstream movies. Brisby has both a heart of gold and a courage that beats to its fullest.

8. Baloo

Film: The Jungle Book (1967) ( IMBD )
Living Happy Bear in the Swedish version was Beppe Wolgers voice. An equally classic character that classic movie.

9. Jessica Rabbit

Film: Roger Rabbit (1988) ( IMBD )
If perhaps not cool as Roger Rabbit must still be the luckiest rabbit. Jessica is pure bombshell. Jessica Rabbit must absolutely be the cartoon character who has given most little boys his first ståfräs.

10. Totoro

Movies: My Neighbor Totoro (1988) ( IMBD )
Which animal is Totoro is a common question about cartoon characters. Everything and nothing is the answer, a mixture of lots of different animals, entirely created by Miyasaki. A cozier and more cuddly character you have to look for. (It could possibly be Jessica Rabbit then.)

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